Tuesday, 29 July 2008

First Post!

Hello and welcome to my blog, Teen Baker! Yes, I have finally taken the jump and set up my own little section of the wild world of blogging to document all my adventures and experiments in my brand new kitchen!

A little bit about myself...I am 13 years old and I live in London, England. I love getting in the kitchen and cooking, and most days when I come home from school I go through the blogs in my Favourites - checking for new posts and delicious recipes. It was these magnificent people who made me want to set up Teen Baker.

I didnt really think that it would be sensible or possible for me to set up a blog - and as of yet I am doubtfu
l of whether anyone will read it! But my sister, and some bloggers I mentioned it to and admire (Peabody and Marie both thought there should be nothing stopping me so I thought why not?!

I have great foodie aspirations for me future (including getting a diploma from the famous Ballymaloe Cookery School, and combining writing with cooking by writing for a magazine such as Olive) but for now I am happy to potter around my kitchen and bake and post as much as possible!

I will be back later with a delicious recipe for Welsh Cakes!

Lucy x


Zawan said...

congrats on your first blog.
I'm 12 (from Sudan) and I've been blogging for about a week or more.
chech my blog: zawan.com or click on my profile
Maybe I could get a few recipies from your blog, and try them!

Tulip said...

Well done for setting up your own blog. It looks great, very professional, I couldn't believe you were only 13. My daughter is also 13 and loves to cook...she sometimes lets me post her efforts on my blog.

Marie is a very dear friend of mine who has an amazing blog so I'm not suprised she encouraged you to start your own.
Well done Teenbaker...you will go far!

Lucy said...

zawan - its great to know another teen blogger.

tulip - thank you! Teen Baker has definitely made my cooking more fun and it feels great to be an "insider" of the food blogger world rather than just a reader!

And yes Marie has also been very encouraging!


Daisy chain tea said...


ok so i'm miles behind your blog but I figure I'll start here with your first post. I'm 18 and I just satrted my own blog(so that thing you mentioned about no one reading your blog, ya I totally get that, I'm still waiting for someone to stumble across me. But you seem to have established an ammzing blog:) fair play) I really admire you for doing tour blog at the age of 13, i thought I was too young at 18. But I think your blog is unreal, and I live like a 10min drive from ballymaloe:) I hope you get in there 1 day and achiev your dream, they'll be lucky to have you. So I just wanted to let you know all that random stuff and tell you that I relly hope my blog is one day as good as yours:) Thanks:)