Friday, 12 September 2008

A Lemony Surprise

Ooof what a busy week. The first week of school is always pretty hectic for obvious reasons but this seems to have been busier than ever! With new teachers and a complicated new 2 week timetable – plus the fact that Y9 = about a trillion pieces of homework a day! I have been looking forward to getting back in the kitchen and making something scrumptious to share with you. My Mum found this recipe on Bibliocook and I would have made it a few days ago but my Mum has a catering do tomorrow so the kitchen was very busy! Then I thought I would wait until Sunday when my Granny is coming to lunch but then I checked her and noticed that would mean a week would have gone past without posting! So, here I am this evening .

This recipe does make a large tray full and you can see that as you mix up the 2 stages to this recipe – first the shortbread base and then the delicious and tangy filling. It took a lot of grating and juicing to get the right amount of lemon but don’t scrimp on the amounts – in this recipe it is far better to have too much lemon then not enough because you want the tangy lemon, otherwise you might end up with something bland and that would be a waste! All in all a successful pud – I took Bibliocook’s advice and cooked it for only 25 minutes out of the 35 suggested. My only problem with these was how to properly describe them to my sister (or on here!) when they were in the oven. A bar cookie? A shortbread and set lemon custard? Lemon Slice? Also I ended up photographing at about 8pm so I am sorry about the nasty photos
A yummy success - i think lemon is my favourite flavour at the moment.
Go over to Bibliocook's fabulous site now for the recipe.


Steph said...

Lemon squares! I've always wanted to make them, but I'm not too into a shortbread type crust. I wouldn't mind eating the filling though!

Aimée said...

These look like the perfect treat for tea! And I happen to have a pile of lemons to use up!Thanks!
Good luck with my draw...!

Caroline@Bibliocook said...

Hi Lucy - lovely to see that you got on so well with the Lemon Slice. It went down well with the Husband and the people that I work with too! Thanks for your comment and link.

Steph - take a look at my blog to see what you can do with the filling. I had some leftovers so poured them into espresso cups and baked them in a water bath at the same time as the Lemon Slice. Fantastic eaten warm with some vanilla ice cream!

Marie said...

I just adore lemon squares!!! I adore anything lemon actually. Yours look fabulous! Have a great week at school this week, and don't work too hard! All work and no play is bad for the soul! Mind you, hard work at school is something that pays off big time in later life!

The Blonde Duck said...

They look great!

Antonia said...

Mmmm. I made something a bit like this once and you have reminded me just how good it was. Delicious!