Thursday, 7 January 2010




Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Thanks for sharing! Have a great time there!



La Table De Nana said...

Lucy! You loved Venice..I can see that! Oh I did too:)
I loved it in the day and at night:) We even had thunderstorms..

To me Venice is so romantic..full of life..history ..color..
I never really understood Venice until I went..To see people living life on the water..was illuminating to me re actually see it..
Seeing children go to school on the water buses.. seeing a wedding..a and appliances being boat..gondolas..the water levels..
The reflection of the restos and lights on the water at night..the gondolas all lined up..the people..
We took the Lido too.. the day was glorious..

Your photos brought everything back..did you buy anything?

We had a memorable meal the first night..

I was 54 when I went..I think you are so lucky to have been at your age..and I think it's wonderful how you appreciated it!
Thank you for sharing these photos Lucy.They are wonderful.

Ash said...

Amazing, Amazing, Amazing!! Such a lucky girl Lucy!! I especially love the 4th photo from the top! The boats, the water... magic!

Elra said...

Wonderful photos Lucy. I like Venice as well.

George@CulinaryTravels said...

Beautiful photography Lucy. Hope you enjoyed yourself.

Faith said...

I would love to go to Venice, even more now after seeing your gorgeous pics! And the food looks phenomenal! :)

James said...

Wow - new year a Venise, just the best! said...

Great photos and blog, I just found your blog and i really like it! Now I am hungry!

Carolyn Jung said...

It's been years since I've been to Venice. Your photos make me long to go there again, and to enjoy all the great eats. It's such a special place. After all, how many other cities have UPS and paramedic BOATS? ;)

Carolyn said...

oh my -- those photos! those glassy water photos. i'm swooning!