Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Celebration Chocolate Log

People who know me know that I’m not fussy with pudding. Crumble, pie, a cookie, a tart, – I’m with you. But there are certain occasions that just cry out for something a bit extra special. Occasions like, perhaps, a second blogoversary? Or, reaching 100 posts? Or…both?DSCF7739 Yes, Teen Baker is in the midst of celebrating both these milestones! I realise I am slightly late with celebrating these on the blog, and am a little over 100 posts now – but hey, when there is a cake this good around, who is complaining? And this cake is definitely this good. With nearly half a litre of cream and half a kilogram of chocolate I had no doubts that this was the perfect cake for my 2nd and 100th celebrations ;)DSCF7764
This cake is from Orlando Murrin’s book called A Table in the Tarn which I have used before a while ago and now shall certainly be using again. Intended for Christmas or New Year, this cake is decadence on a plate. It consists of…
- chocolate cake layer
- chocolate/cointreau mousse layer
- chocolate cake layer
- chocolate/cointreau mousse covering
- chocolate ganache coating
- chocolate shavings and strawberry topping
Can you say YUM?

DSCF7757Now, this cake is a celebration one not just because of the calorie count but because of the time it takes. Each step is only 5-10minutes, but most steps end in ‘Now refrigerate for 2 hours until firm’. Perhaps some of these firming-up periods are unnecessary, but with the large scale ingredients involved I was determined not to ruin this cake and followed it to the T. My favourite part of this was the chocolate and Cointreau mousse because it was so silky smooth, rich and deep with flavour. I would definitely like to make just this component again for a dessert, although as it is so rich it would have to be in very small servings! The cake layers are very thin and have a brownie-like texture which is great for supporting those thick layers of mousse. All in all – a resounding success! Because the recipe is so long and special, I don’t feel I should post it here but do buy the book or I think it would be easy to create using your own log with your favourite recipes for a rich chocolate cake and mousse. Happy Baking!


Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Congrats! That is an important milestone. Long live your blog.

That cake is fantabulous!



La Table De Nana said...

It looks like a celebration..no wait.. 2!! Yum!

elra said...

Congrat on your 100 posts and happy blogoversary Lucy! Keep up the good work.

What a delicious cake to celebrate this achievement.

Danielle said...

Oh my god, yum. That cake looks so decadent and delicious :)

Ash said...

Happy Blogversary and 100th post Lucy!!! I think having this cake is the ultimate best was to celebrate!! Who wouldn't want a great looking dessert like this??
keep the posts coming!!

m said...

now that is one intense cake. the mousse sounds amaazing!

Faith said...

That is very exciting, Lucy, a huge congrats on your milestones! I can't think of a better way to celebrate than this lovely cake. ;)

Orlando said...

Dear Lucy
I am very flattered that you like this recipe. It is probably the most complicated in the book, so congratulations on getting it right first time.
You are right that the chilling operations may seem a bit pedantic. Remember I was making this in the scorching heat of SW France when I wrote the book; I think in Britain you could speed things up. However - you do need to let things get to the right consistency - eg the mousse, the glaze - or the whole thing will collapse!
I have a new way of making chocolate curls that may appeal to you, as you seem to like chocolate. Best wishes, Orlando

Allegra said...

That's quite a cake-- definately for special occasions, by the look of it! Good thing I'm not trying to lose weight. :) Congratulations on your big milestiones; my second blogoversary is coming up in January.

Choclette said...

Decadence indeed, but oh it does look good. Congratulations on your blogaversary .

Rhiannon Nicole said...

Congrats Miss Lucy!! This is such an exciting milestone and the cake looks incredible :) Hopefully you are doing just fabulous and oh so happy!! xoxo

Anonymous said...

oh that looks amazing, what could be better than all the chocolate with strawberries?

Chloe said...

An epic cake, regency eat your heart out. :)