Friday, 9 September 2011

Cheese and Onion Tear and Share Bread

I love a good foodie television show. There’s Masterchef – tears and shouty John and Gregg (who’s restaurant I did work experience at last year!). There’s Nigella’s series – fairy lights, dressing gowns and ‘cookie crumbs tumbling like Mexican mud’…There’s Nigel Slater and his gorgeous garden, Simon Hopkinson with slow-mo falling egg graphics or Sophie Dahl’s series where she cooks and reads poetry. Currently, there is The Great British Bake Off – which the week before last featured this delicious bread.2011_0901cheesebread0241Each week of the Bake Off is themed – and so this obviously came from Bread week, a challenging one that I know I would have found really hard. One of the contestants Jason, an 18 year old baker from Croydon, made this and after watching I couldn’t get it out of my mind. Melting cheese, soft bread and a crunchy top plus the onions in the mix – what’s not to like? Happily, the recipe is featured in the new book to go along with the show, and the next day another yeast adventure was going on in my kitchen.2011_0901cheesebread0243 As I’m still very much a bread and yeast novice, this took me ages to make. It was an enjoyable process, just long because rolling, stuffing (with two fillings) and folding nineteen balls of bread dough is not going to be a quick process. Add in three sets of rising times and in turned into quite a days baking but the end result was worth it, and could have been even more so had I got it perfect. The problem was I placed all the nineteen dough balls too far apart before they went in the oven so they didn’t join together to properly make a tear and share bread. This meant they were a bit drier then would have been nice and so went stale faster. I had some straight out the oven when the cheese inside was still melting and warm and it was delicious! Sadly one person cannot eat 19 rolls very quickly :( Still, I would recommend the recipe as I think this could be irresistible if done properly! There are a couple more recipes from the Bake Off book that I want to make, so hopefully I’ll get a chance to do them soon. Enjoy :)2011_0901cheesebread0232


Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

I am addicted to foodie television shows too... Those rolls look really good! Cheese and onion; a perfect combo.



Xinmei @ Pudding Pie Lane said...

What?? You did work experience at Gregg's restuarant - I'm so jealous :) You really are a dedicated cookery show follower, I wish I had more time to do that too (I've only cooked 2 recipes from the first bake off cookbook)! The tear and share with the onion sounds great, and I love the first photo.

p.s. thanks for your comments on my blog about the internship. If all else fails I'll just turn from banker to baker :D

Antonia said...

These rolls look delicious but certainly sound like hard work! Bread is something I stuggle with, I must admit, so I am rather wedded to my bread-maker. I must try something similar in the machine though I'm sure they wouldn't be quite as good as if made by hand!

La Table De Nana said...

Oh you cracked me up about not being able to eat 19 buns all by yourself..
I bet..that right out of the oven they were sinful..I made bread twists from a lovely blogger and I swear I untwisted two and ate them on the spot:) My daughter said..I can't stop eating these..
Like out of the oven..

I didn't know about you aprrenticing:)(Word?):)

Thanks for showing us..they do look heavenly!

Faith said...

Yeasted doughs always take me forever too. :) These look really fantastic and definitely worth the work though...I can never resist the cheese/onion combo!

Irishbaker said...

Omg how did you manage to get work experience at Gregg's restaurant?! very jealous haha :)

Kezia said...

Wow your rolls look great! I am really inspired bu the Great British Bake-off as well, this week I made focaccia- a recipe also featured on 'bread week'!

lellieb said...