Thursday 5 April 2012

Apple Cinnamon Raisin Bars

My ‘Recipes To Make’ file of bookmarked links in my Favourites is getting a little out of control. 153 recipes, just in the ‘Sweet’ section – so not including a a ‘Savoury’ section or a notebook full of bits cut out from papers and magazines. Considering I bake roughly once a week, it would take me around 3 years to complete everything! Just reading the list makes me hungry. Peach Shortbread anyone? Lemon Rhubarb Bundt Cake? Blackberry Cream Cheese Pie?Almond Chocolate Tart? And so much more goodness yet my bookmarked file gets forgotten. Not any more! The ‘Sweet’ section is organised alphabetically (get me) so one of the first recipes I see every time I add something was these Apple Cinnamon Bars. A revision break yesterday called for a quick bake and these fitted the bill nicely.DSC_0505Essentially, this recipe turned out to be simply apple cake cut into squares but it was still delicious and smelt unbelievably good whilst baking. It has a good combination of classic flavours to complement the apple – vanilla, cinnamon and nutmeg which make it more interesting than. It’s good with custard or cream, hot or cold, even for breakfast – whenever! DSC_0522The recipe is quick and simple to make too, so these bars can be whipped up whenever you need some cake fast. The flavours may be quite autumnal, but England has just experienced some snow (it’s April! Snow? Really?) so I think that’s excusable. You can find the recipe here and as for my favourites: 1 down, 152 to go.


Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Those looks and sound good! Bars are terrific and that flavor combo is droolworthy.

Happy easter!



Dewi said...

My sister just came back from England, she can't stop complaining about how unpleasant the weather was. If only she could fine a nice warm slice of cake like this, perhaps she would feel differently :).

Cake looks scrumptious Lucy!

Ash said...

These look super tasty!!

Happy Easter to you too Lucy!!

Faith said...

You have inspired me -- I need to organize my files too! I just know I'm missing out on so many treats. ;)

These bars look lovely, they're the perfect thing to pair with a cup of tea.

amlamonte said...

oo, i love a good, hearty cake. it's filling, but still counts as a treat. this looks lovely! hope it warms up soon for you! :)

grace said...

apples do seem to bring autumn to mind, but i welcome them in my belly any time of year. the only stipulation? cinnamon must also be involved. :)