Sunday, 13 December 2009

Christmas Gifts No1: Chocolate Truffles

On the blogs right now, you’d have to have been severely absent not to notice the huge amount of Christmas Gift posts. There are cookies and candy-canes, jams and jellies. Anyone would be overjoyed to receive a scrumptious hamper of goodies, jars of chutney or box of chocolates as a gift from a foodie friend. I haven’t given away homemade Christmas presents before, but for Christmas this year on the blog I thought I’d show some gifts really worth making. I’ve got several goodies coming up but first – chocolate truffles. DSCF5632Chocolate & Cointreau Truffles, to be precise. You can surely tell they are going to taste good when you read the name! But also, these are so simple to make, so you can make lots quickly for every lucky recipient. I can never resist a truffle. For my tenth birthday I held a truffle-making and cookie decorating party – that is the strength of my affection for the truffle. For some reason I do always think of them as a Christmas thing – perhaps because they are so rich – and this is the first time I have made them in a very long time.
DSCF5640From my experiences, I learnt several things about making truffles:
  • Heat the cream gently but don’t let it get too hot or your truffles will split.They take practice to get the perfect sphere, but even a misshapen pentagon truffle tastes delicious.
  • Cut your chocolate very small (you could even grate it) before pouring the cream over it so that the chocolate melts faster.
  • Do not make the truffles too big. Glorious as they are, a plate full of mini truffles looks far nicer than half a plate of huge ones. Plus, they are very rich.
  • They only need a light roll in the cocoa-covering – mouthfuls of cocoa powder ruins the effect.
  • After making your truffle balls, they need to firm up before you attempt to put them in pretty gold cases.
I made chocolate truffles with a splash of Cointreau and grated zest of an orange. I chose to roll in either cocoa powder or coconut but you could do chopped pistachios or almonds, icing sugar, crushed amaretti biscuits, hundreds and thousands, festive chopped candy-cane or edible glitter – whatever takes your fancy. You can also cover the truffles in melted chocolate (tempered if not coating, there’s not much need if you are) for more richness.
Chocolate Truffles
150ml double cream
150g chocolate
1. Heat the cream gently – either in the microwave for 1.5minutes or over a low heat.
2. Put the chopped chocolate in a bowl and pour over the hot cream. Stir slowly to form a ganache. Cover and chill for a few hours or overnight.
3. Take teaspoons of firm ganache and roll into balls. Set out plates of your chosen coatings, and roll the truffles. Leave for about 30minutes to firm. Place delicately in boxes, cases or on plates. Enjoy!


Faith said...

Chocolate truffles are a favorite of mine and yours are lovely! Your tips are excellent and so the past I've made the mistake of rolling in too much cocoa powder!

megan said...

These look so good! I'm sure they will make great gifts :)

kimberleyblue said...

I'll also be making some truffles to give away this holiday season. Yours look perfect - rich, rustic and chocolately. Feel free to mail me some! ;)

Kathy said...

Hello Lucy, this is agreat idea and very helpful for presents. I have a question, where do you get Truffles to make the recipes? Thanks Kathy. Merry Christmas.

Ash said...

I totally just made these today too! I love the flavors you choose! I made some brandy, frangelico, nut butter rum and salted brownie ones and wow! I have to agree though as good as they are... they-are-RICH!
...but I love em!

Karine said...

Your truffles sound delicious! Thanks for sharing :)

George@CulinaryTravels said...

Oh Lucy they look fabulous. Chocolate truffles are one of my favourite Christmas treats.

Steph said...

Truffle making at a 10 year old party?! How cool!! I totally agree, a mouthful of cocoa is definitely not too pleasant.

Dinners & Dreams said...

Chocolate truffles are my favorite. I need to make them soon. Yours look decadent!


Chef Chuck said...

Those truffles look and sound delish~~~