Sunday, 20 December 2009

Christmas Gifts No2: Orange Chocolate Marzipans

With all the gifts I give to my friends or family, I think its nice to give something a bit different or special. Even if I am giving someone a specific thing off their list, I like to give a small extra gift as a surprise. It just makes present giving more fun. Which is why these little sweets appealed to me – I hadn’t seen a similar recipe before and they looked like they tasted truly delicious. And again, there’s just something in the name that lets you know these are going to be good.
These marzipans are another simple gift – requiring a total of about ten minutes hands on time. You just blend the ingredients to form a soft and squidgy (and full of flavour) marzipan, cut into small circles and let dry for a couple of hours. Then cover each one with a swirl of chocolate and piece of candied peel – if you are a fan of this often-hated treat. What could be easier?
DSCF5634These went down a storm as after-dinner treats in front of Strictly Come Dancing! They have all the perfect textures – soft soft marzipan, light crunch from the chocolate and chew from the candied peel. The orange flavour in the marzipan adds a little bit of Christmas “zing” and you could enhance this with orange flavoured chocolate if you so wished. You will be popular when you make these – find the recipe here.


Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

That must be divine!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!



Elra said...

Wow Lucy, give my family anything with marzipan, they'll be so happy. It's their favorite treat. Have a wonderful christmas!

Faith said...

I love giving homemade sweets as gifts too, I really think it shows people how much you care! These are so pretty and sound delicious!

Selba said...

I love marzipan! And yes, absolutely a great gifts :)

Merry Christmas!

La Table De Nana said...

Lucy..your blog is great! What an accomplished writer/chef/photographer you are! I hope you don't mind if I keep peeking in!Your savoury pie looks amazing too..I see a bright..or many bright careers ahead for you!

peasepudding said...

Well done making your own mazipan, homemade always taste great. Your treats look lovely, i hope everyone enjoyed them.

Steph said...

I love almonds, but can't stand marzipan, isn't that weird? I'm sure the chocolate makes it all better though. I'm so glad everyone enjoyed these.