Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Fish Smelts....????

This is just a random question but I was reading the new Coast magazine the other day (hehe) and it mentioned a new fish and chip shop opening which would serve not only the normal fish and chips, fishcakes etc but also "fish smelts". Neither my Mum or I have the foggiest what this is...can anybody help??

Thanks x


Bee said...

Hi Lucy

Smelts are a group of small fish, a bit like whitebait. You usually fry them whole in the same way. Their roe is bright orange and used to garnish sushi. Hope this helps!

Kind regards

Bee x

Marie said...

Bee is correct Lucy. Back home in Canada, the smelts run at certain times of the year and you can get bucket loads. My dad always loved to eat a mess of smelts. One of his favourite meals!

Lucy said...

Ahh...thank you for the help. I don't suppose I will be able to try them at home but at least I know what they are and will recognise them on a menu!x

Tulip said...

Lucy how cool is this...the great Bee, commenting on your are a very lucky girl. Tell your mum, she'll be very

Lucy said...

I did tell my Mum and she was very pleased! And I of course am honoured as well :) Thank you Bee!