Thursday, 4 December 2008

December 4th – Chocolate Biscuit Cake…

a sure favourite!
Its true, I cannot resist this cake – ever! No matter how full I am or what I have eaten – this cake goes with anything and can be eaten anytime. And the best thing? Easy peasy to make, with very little effort and no oven.
chocolate biscuit cake 009
I also love this cake because (other than its easiness and moreishness) it is made from ingredients which I am generally very likely to have in – just chocolate, golden syrup, butter, sultanas and biscuits! Of course, you could make it even more basic by taking out the sultanas if you are not a fan but I think that they add a great aspect of chewiness. You could also add more: I like it with glace cherries but did not include them this time as I am saving them for another Advent Series recipe. The recipe includes nuts, but I didnt include those. Sort of like the mincemeat, you can easily alter the recipe to your requirements. Once we made it with maltesers, which was, although it sort of goes without saying – amazing! Marshmallows would also be good – like a Rocky Road…the possibilities are endless!
Next time, I would add more chocolate as this recipe is sort of meant to be chocolate with biscuit in, but my version was more like biscuit rolled in chocolate – if that makes any sense! But, no matter, because it means my family gets to keep this tray and I shall make another for my school Christmas Fair.
chocolate biscuit cake 011
Right now I have described it in such loving terms – time for the sort of unnecessary recipe! And, yes, I do realise this is another Rachel Allen recipe…what can I say! :D You can find the recipe here (scroll down :P )


Jerri - Simply Sweet Home said...

This looks delcious.

Steph said...

I like how the cake uses biscuits! It looks yummy!