Friday, 5 December 2008

December 5th – Mini Banoffee Pies!

At the beginning of this Advent Series I admit I did not enjoy it so much. I so wanted to post every day I just baked quickly and hurriedly and didnt really get to enjoy it as much as normal – especially not posting late at night! But now I see the true benefits of this series. Today after school I got to munch on chocolate biscuit cake AND still have an excuse for making 15 mini banoffee pies – I must post today! Yay! I am glad Advent is 24 days loong…. :)

banoffee pie 018

My Mum is catering for a large party tomorrow, and one of the desserts she is making is a few big banoffee pies – lucky party guests I say! But at the end, there was a bowl of biscuit crumbs, chocolate shavings and toffee left to be used up. So, with a few bananas and pears (my Daddy and sister oddly hate bananas!) and some whipped coffee-cream – these mini puddings were made.

banoffee pie 017

I did not follow a recipe as such because the ingredients were mainly waiting to be used up – and I just made as many as possible until the toffee ran out! My mum had boiled condensed milk in its tins for hours until you take it out and the gorgeous sticky toffee has formed inside. It is a dangerous process ( the pressure could possibly cause the cans to explode :O ) but it produces the most yummy toffee, far better than the shop-bought stuff. I popped it back in the microwave today as it had gone quite firm and sticky so impossible to spread but after a minute or so it was much easier. I used about half that tin and got fifteen little pies. My godmother Sue is staying and she explained the process too me and off I went! I put the cake cases in the tins and squashed down the melted butter and biscuit crumbs, then spread the toffee, layered the bananas or pears, put a healthy dollop of coffee cream on top, sprinkled with grated chocolate and voila!

banoffee pie 023

Although, as I say, I did make this using a few leftovers – I would definitely make it again without any leftovers and doing it all especially! They are quite tricky to serve…I made them up in the cake cases in the cupcake tin, then lifted them all out onto a lovely red (Christmassy!) platter and people helped themselves from there – eaten on a plate with a spoon…gorgeous!

Until tomorrow…. :D x

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Steph said...

Those look delicious! I wonder how many mini pies I could eat in a sitting!! I wish I had enough time to post everyday.. I might try that once Christmas break comes, that means more baking!!!