Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Orange & Honey Torte with Mangoes & Passion fruit

I will only have butter on my toast. No jam, no marmalade, no Marmite or Nutella, no honey. I don’t know why, because I like most of these things in every other way (apart from Marmite), but I can’t stand them on toast. Really this just means that I have to get my honey fix in other, far more delicious, ways such as this summery torte… DSC_0141I don’t usually think of honey as a core flavour for a dessert. I’m sure I’ve added it to biscuits, cakes and flapjacks to add a bit of extra sweet and stickiness, but rarely used it as a main attraction. In this dessert blossom honey is combined with orange to make a really light version of a cheesecake – using just yoghurt and cream instead of any cream cheese. In my mind cheesecakes set with gelatine have a bad image of being overly firm and bouncy, but this is a really light set so it stays super creamy. Blanched almonds are added to the biscuit base (I used Nice biscuits because I thought the coconut would complement the other tropical flavours) which is such a simple idea but one I haven’t done before and was delicious – you know I’ll get almonds into anything somehow! My favourite part, however, was the accompanying fruit salad. Passion fruit instantly make me feel transported to a desert island and are without a doubt my favourite fruit. Combined with fresh mango and a sticky, ever so slightly spicy, ginger and lime syrup and I almost didn’t even need the torte. Almost. You can find the recipes here – enjoy! DSC_0146


Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

I love sweetening my desserts with honey. This torte must taste heavenly.



La Table De Nana said...

Grwoing up..NICE cookies were one of my have just triggered a memory of home..lined up w/ the ripply cardboard inside..still?
Have not seen them ..or looked in 100 yrs..I will..
It looks velevty smooth Lucy..
Hoppy Easter!

Kezia said...

This looks summery and divine! I too rarely have anything but butter on my toast, but I do love the flavour of honey. The salad looks awesome too!

Fussyladyabroad said...

Another lovely cake. I do enjoy reading your blog. Love the Nice biscuits idea here.

Dewi said...

Sounds very refreshing, perfect summer dessert.