Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Royal Rascals!

So, the royal baby has arrived! Prince William and Kate have had their baby boy, George Alexander Louis, the third in line to the throne and one day King. The dozens of photographers who were camped outside the hospital wing for weeks can finally go home and the nation can finally celebrate! I knew I wanted to bake something themed to celebrate this special royal occasion but I was slightly stumped. My decorating skills are not up to the level of creating intricately iced cookies, my family doesn’t need a huge celebration cake hanging about (much as I’d like to think we do) and there options for naturally blue food are pretty non-existent once you’ve got past blueberries. It was my Dad who eventually suggested these – Royal Rascals!DSCF9630True, my Dad suggests these every time I wonder what to bake – they are one of his favourite things. But this time I loved the idea. Whilst baby Prince George of Cambridge will obviously live a very different life to the overwhelming majority of people, I hope that he still gets a chance to be a little rascal (definition: a mischievous or cheeky person) as he grows up. Plus, there aren’t many things more quintessentially British than a scone! In honour of the baby I added sparkling silver balls to my traditional fat rascal recipe, found here, and of course welcomed the opportunity to use my royal napkins! Enjoy :) DSCF9639