Homemade Shop Classics Challenge

Making homemade versions of shop bought classic cakes, biscuits and sweets is a passion of mine and as I feature it regularly on the blog I thought it would be great to have a page where I can truly explain why I do this and keep an index of all previous challenges.

The challenge originated when I made homemade Digestives, way back in the first year of my blog in 2008. From there, it became the Biscuit Challenge - simply finding or creating recipes for all the supermarket biscuit staples. I've made Custard Creams, Jammie Dodgers, Bourbons, Snickerdoodles, Ricciarelli and more. Since then I've also branched out of biscuits - making marshmallows and the Mr Kipling classics of Mini Bakewell Tarts and French/Fondant Fancies.

These posts are some of the most popular on my blog, particularly the Fondant Fancies, which tells me that so many of you guys are looking to recreate these classics. This is what keeps me finding and sharing new recipes - plus it is really enjoyable being able to make something on your own which is just as good as, if not better, than the shop version. The stats back me up - we are a biscuit loving country with 52 digestives alone consumed every second! That's crazy! And it shows how much we need decent homemade versions.

I completely admit I regularly buy shop bought biscuits and have a severe weakness for Lidl custard creams and the Halloween Mr Kipling French Fancies. Seriously, those Lidl custard creams are dangerously good. There is not enough time to always make your own. But equally, I get unnerved when you turn the packet over and see over 20 ingredients for biscuits or cake, many of which are unpronounceable or contain numbers. Particularly for parents, biscuits are childhood staples really and it's nice to know what you are actually feeding people.

I plan to keep challenging myself to make more homemade versions of shop bought cakes, biscuits and sweets more regularly - say once a month. I want to make Ginger nuts, Rich Tea Biscuits, Oreos and Fruit Shortcakes to name just a few. I also welcome any suggestions! If there is anything you would like to see a good homemade version of, or if you've given one of these recipes a go, or if you know a decent recipe for one of the above do email me at teenbaker@gmail.com , chat to me on Twitter at @lucyteenbaker or simply comment below!

Completed Challenges

21/10/08 - Digestives
19/02/09 - Snickerdoodles
12/03/09 - Gypsy Creams
09/04/09 - Bourbons
01/06/09 - French (or Fondant) Fancies
21/11/10 - Ricciarelli
02/12/10 - Custard Creams
26/03/12 - Mini Bakewell Tarts
13/02/13 - Orange Highlanders
15/04/13 - Marshmallows
20/06/13 - Jaffa Cakes
06/01/14 - Party Rings

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