Sunday, 3 May 2015

I've moved!

Both literally and internet wise, I’ve moved.

As you may have noticed, Teen Baker has been awfully silent since September 2014. This silence coincides with my move out of home, away from London, an hour and a half up the motorway to my new home for the next three years – Cambridge! Yep, after the crazy fun gap year that was cookery school, I have finally started my History degree at Cambridge University and it has been quite the life change!

From cooking and wearing chef whites every day, to living in libraries and studying Medieval royals, it has been a bit of an adjustment. But more literally than that – I have left behind my lovely home kitchen and entered the world of student accommodation. In my case, this means no oven, a hob that automatically turns off every seven minutes for health and safety reasons and a space definitely not big enough to swing a cat in. As you can imagine, this has quite severe consequences on my ability to bake – hence the silence on this blog!

However, I have really really missed blogging. The community, the process of writing and photographing, being constantly inspired by what everyone is making – everything!  So, I’ve moved! I’m navigating the intimidating world of Wordpress with a brand new blog called Cook by Degrees. My sweet tooth means there will definitely still be a wealth of sweet treats (although specifically baked ones will be a little bit further apart, whenever I go home or blag the use of a friends kitchen!) but there will also be more savoury recipes as I have to cook for myself every day and try to cook delicious, interesting dishes without an oven.

I started Teen Baker nearly seven years ago when I was 13 and in just one month I will be 20 – not a teen baker anymore! I’m very sad to say goodbye to Teen Baker but really excited to start Cook by Degrees and get back into blogging! I hope you will all come with my and enjoy reading my new internet home!